All stock Kraft envelopes feature a convenient and secure peel & seal closure, some available in regular gum. Available in several weights and colors to fit your needs. Call for additional sizes available.

product kraft brown

40# Kraft Mailers

40# Kraft mailers are extremely durable professional mailing envelopes.

40# Kraft
Item no.Size
PS-1109 5X11
PS-1113 9X12
PS-1114 10X13
PS-1116 10X15
PS-1120 12X18
PS-1125 9.5X12.5
product kraft brown

28# Kraft Mailers

28# Kraft mailers are lighter weight and economically priced.

28# Kraft
Item no.Size
PS-55 6x9
PS-75 7.5X 10.5
PS-90 9X12
PS-93 9.5X12.5
PS-97 10X13
PS-98 10X15
product kraft brown

28# Kraft Expansion Mailers

28# Kraft expansion mailers are great alternative for larger items that don’t require a carton or box.

Item no.Size
PS-9170 12X16X2
PS-9175 12X16X4
PS-9190 10X12X2
PS-9195 10X15X2
PS-9196 10X15X3
PS-9712 10X13X2
PS-9714 10X12X4
product kraft gray

Gray Kraft Mailers

Gray Kraft mailers are a great solution for large document mailings.

Gray Kraft
Item no.Size
GPS-90 9X12
GPS-93 9.5X12.5
GPS-97 10X13
GPS-98 10X15
GPS-110 12X15.5
product kraft white

White Mailers

White Kraft mailers are perfect for printing your firm logo and address on.

White Kraft
Item no.Size
SPS-90 9X12
SPS-93 9.5X12.5
SPS-97 10X13
SPS-98 10X15