All Tyvek envelopes feature a convenient and secure peel & seal closure. Choose from plain or 1st Class (green diamond) border. Plain or printed. Call for additional sizes available.

product tyvek flat

Flat Tyvek Mailers

Flat Tyvek mailers are lightweight and durable to protect your documents and save on shipping costs.

Item no.Size
TV-16 6X11
TV-75 7.5X10.5
TV-90 9X12
TV-93 9.5 X 12.5
TV-97 10X13
TV-98 10X15
TV-110 12X15.5
product tyvek expansion

Tyvek Expansion Mailers

Tyvek expansion mailers are a lightweight alternative for bulky items that do not require a box or carton.

Item no.Size
TV-9540 10X12X4
TV-9712 10X13X2
TV-9195 10X15X2
TV-4260 12X15X3
TV-9520 12X16X2
TV-9640 12X16X4